Synergy butter

Many people would agree that polyrhythms are not overly present in modern popular music. We can go on forever about the reason for this and there's going to be a lot of different opinions. Some will blame it on the 16 step grid pattern format found on most of the early sequencers of yore or the fact that there is something about them that makes people think they are not easy to understand and even apply to music that we can enjoy and tap our feet to. I'm inclined to think it is a mix of these and probably a host of other reasons that I'm not going to be able to approach on a simple blog entry. What fascinates me is that what makes them sound so interesting is more about the synergy they carr

For me it started with a thought...

For me it started with a thought... A conversation, really, that we had in the early days of our approach playing live music the way a painter would paint. Throughout our journey this has been a reoccurring theme. One night I went to see a local band and artist perform side by side. I was impressed by how the painter seemed to capture the essence of the environment. Bringing us closer to the vision with each brush stroke. Playing with the colors, layers, and textures. Inspired by the energy in the room. The band on the other hand, though quite good musicians, seemed to just play through the set list (mostly covers, I might add). Even with the improvised solos it didn't feel l

4 years after...

This journey started about 4 years ago and things have been -to say the least- interesting. For the last 3 and some years we've been recording our musical wanderings with the main goal of listening to each session and discovering what we hadn't in the heat of the moment. After 150+ hours of stereo recordings, we thought it was a good idea to put some material out to see what other surprises we could run into. Again, this is a journey. Hopefully, this place will document some parts of it and help us reach other travelers out there.

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