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For me it started with a thought...

For me it started with a thought...

A conversation, really, that we had in the early days of our approach playing live music the way a painter would paint. Throughout our journey this has been a reoccurring theme.

One night I went to see a local band and artist perform side by side. I was impressed by how the painter seemed to capture the essence of the environment. Bringing us closer to the vision with each brush stroke. Playing with the colors, layers, and textures. Inspired by the energy in the room. The band on the other hand, though quite good musicians, seemed to just play through the set list (mostly covers, I might add). Even with the improvised solos it didn't feel like a shared experience. The structure felt pre-conceived and replicated, paint by numbers so to speak. The painting had been creative, guided by awareness and intuition. How great would that be if it were truly a symbiotic relationship? Purely inspired by one another.

Why is it expected that a band play our favorite songs, while they've done it presumably many times over, but we wouldn't want to see an artist paint the same portrait more the once?

I love the idea that a painter can experiment with trying something new and if it doesn't work, just paint right over it with something they've learned does work. I realized this thought could be applied to many things in life. We all enjoy the reward that comes with being good at something but if we don't risk trying new things there won't be new growth or experiences. I am very interested in finding balance between these two worlds.

So, with this music I am trying to do just that...find balance between being fearless in exploring new ideas and gratification in the abilities acquired. If I don't like the outcome. I'll just paint over it.

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