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Sometimes I try to imagine how would it feel not to be part of Bugs and having a completely unbiased listening experience of any given session.

The way we create is really everything-in-the-moment: The "writing", recording, arrangements (with on the spot decisions of what we want next, how to surf from one wave to the other, etc) and mixing, all happen right before our brains, bodies, and ears. And it happens fast, or at least it seems that way. That brings a good number of feelings and we are supposed to deal with these and the actual music, and sounds balance at the same time.

When it comes to listen to the session factors like time, emotions and music/sound perception seem to work in a whole different way. Like what's known as the overconfidence effect, in this case on accurate perception. For moments it's a different beast, almost like I was not there for a minute or two, or ten maybe. It reminds me of Lennon's line " is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.." in Beautiful Boy. It would be fun to read a log of our text exchange every week the day after, when we both had listened to the recording. The "discoveries", and surprises -the good, the bad, and the ugly- pile up fast.

Needless to say I love experiencing all of that convolution first hand, and to state things clear 99 percent of the time I want to have it that exact way. But there is that 1 percent in which I would like to know how I would listen, react to, and absorb any of our sessions without having been there before in the making. Clearly that won't be possible at least on this life, and that's fine.

It actually is, really.

In fact, 1 percent.. hmm.. no, more like a half percent.

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